Scorecard with strokes gained

You can see your strokes gained by category for each hole in the new scorecard stats we have at Golfity.

You can see your strokes gained by category for each hole in the new scorecard stats we have at Golfity.

When you look at the stats for any round of golf in Golfity, the first thing you will see is a scorecard on steroids. It has the familiar look of any golf scorecard, but it also includes all the stats (both traditional and strokes gained) for each hole.

Let’s look at an example from one of the last rounds entered on Golfity.

For each hole you have the hole information (distance and par) and then the number of shots, number of putts, whether the fairway was hit, the distance with the driver (only for par 4 and 5 holes) and whether the green was hit in regulation or not.

Those traditional stats are followed by strokes gained, including the total for each hole (TOT) and the split in four different categories: off the tee (OTT), approach (APP), around the green (ARG) and putting (PUTT).

As usual, red cells mean a relative bad strokes gained score and green cells mean good strokes gained scores. You can click on any cell to get the exact strokes gained number for that cell.

Our example round has 78 shots (8 over par), 31 putts, 7 out of 13 fairways hit, 244 yards average distance and 9 greens in regulation.

We can see that this player had two triple-bogeys (on holes 5 and 11). On the 5th hole, a par 3, the player lost many strokes around the green (ARG), while on the 11th hole the strokes were lost mainly in the driver (OTT) and around the green (ARG).

If we look at the last column, we see that the worse categories are driving (OTT) and around the green (ARG), where the player lost 3.0 and 3.6 strokes. In comparison approach shots (APP) and putting (PUTT) look quite solid, with only 1.3 and 1.2 strokes lost.

If we only looked at this scorecard, we could recommend this player to improve his driving and mainly his shots around the green. And you, what are your areas of improvement? Start tracking your scores with Golfity to know where you need to improve to get better scores!

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